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Company Overview

International Venture Society (IVS) is a corporate strategy firm servicing the myriad needs of small, growing public and private companies through customized financial, operational and business strategy initiatives. From securing growth capital to the placement of senior-level team members, IVS provides clients with unique and appropriate strategies designed to incubate and accelerate their growth in new or existing niche markets. These strategies include joint-ventures, reverse mergers, marketing opportunities, partnerships, and potential acquisitions.

To the most promising of client opportunities, IVS offers growth and implementation capital either directly and/or through a joint-venture with members of our capital referral network – always within a relatively non-dilutive deal structure.

What We Do


We believe that established skill sets and a viable, original business model have a way of selling themselves and when executed correctly can be the best catalyst for progression of any company.


IVS’s team is comprised of highly experienced individuals with significant executive and operating management experience and selected to fulfill the specific needs of each assignment. Teams work with management to develop and perform a jointly-developed revised game plan for the company in which assets and cash flows are redeployed to expand the client’s business plan and/or business model.


IVS is actively seeking attractive, potentially lucrative mergers & acquisitions or investment opportunities for its own growth as well as the growth of its incubated companies. IVS welcomes inquiries on joint-ventures, partnerships and investment opportunities in the areas of Market Media, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Investment Funds.


‌‌‌ Development Acceleration Strategies for the Start-up, Pre-Stage and Early-Stage Public Companies
Focused Business Models Calculated to Achieve Expansion Initiatives
‌‌‌ Cost-Effective, Independent Contractor Talent Pool for all Management Positions
‌‌‌ Visionary Executive Team with Management and Operational Expertise
‌‌‌ Needed Capital Funding for Growth and Market Emergence
‌‌‌ Nurtured Companies Reversed Merged in to Public Companies with Market Valuations
‌‌‌ Ability to Gain Public Vast Market Awareness and Investor Support Prior

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