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September 24th, 2017 – Privately-held International Venture Society, LLC is providing an update regarding the court appointed status of four custodianships involving the companies below. MC Endeavors, Inc. We couldn’t be more pleased with the progression. The reverse takeover has been completed. We have turned everything over to the new CEO and plan on filing to discharge our custodianship in the near future. Guard Dog, Inc. Our court appointed custodianship has been challenged by current CEO Bill Shafer. We have answered his challenge and negotiations have been ongoing. We have agreed to discharge our control as long as he agrees to; reinstate the charter with Nevada, issue a shareholder update on business plan and company operations, and reimburse IVS for any legal fees that have been incurred. International Card Establishment, Inc. & Media G3, Inc. Filings have been made to discharge our custodianships for both companies. Inconsistencies with previous management deals, company subsidiaries, and/or overwhelming outstanding debt were factors in our decision. At this time we see no benefit to shareholders to move forward with either company.


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